The rattle that’s driving me insane

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The rattle that’s driving me insane

Post by Geh2020 » Mon May 17, 2021 2:38 pm


After weeks of searching for that elusive rattle that I’m sure is coming from the rear of the car, I’m at a pint where I’m running out of ideas! So far I have cleared the boot of literally everything, removed the parcel shelf, clipped the seat belts into their holders, including the front passenger one, and lowered the rear seats in case it’s the seat D clamps not holding the seat back tight enough. But today while giving the car a clean, I noticed the rubber bump stops for the tailgate look like they are adjustable if you wind them in or out, so now wondering if it’s the tailgate that’s causing rattle.
2020 Q2 35 tfsi Black Edition s-tronic, Mythos Black and climate control.

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Re: The rattle that’s driving me insane

Post by Daytel » Tue May 18, 2021 11:06 pm

Search the forum for ‘annoying rattle’
It’s a long shot, given that you have already tried with the seats down, but wrapping some insulation tape around the catch and then putting the seat back up cured it for me.
Perhaps the rattle is still there from the locking mechanism within the seat even if it is down.
Good luck.

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