Dash Cam interference with DAB?

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Dash Cam interference with DAB?

Post by ninja1668 » Thu Jul 08, 2021 3:28 pm

I just got my Q2 and it does not have a dashcam fitted and when i went into Halfords the other day they said there was an issue with fitting Rear dashcams as it can interfere with the DAB radio. Is that an
issue (I have a 2018 S-Line). Are there models of dashcams to avoid. I was looking at the Nextbase 522 with rear camera but they suggested the Blackvue's which were significantly more expensive but less likely to interfere. Thanks in advance

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Re: Dash Cam interference with DAB?

Post by testcard » Thu Jul 08, 2021 5:18 pm

This might be a cheaper option than going down the Blackvue route.
https://www.grdian.com/resources/how-to ... terference
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Re: Dash Cam interference with DAB?

Post by Bigfoot » Fri Jul 09, 2021 1:24 pm

They create interference I have the Blackview and I have also fitted ferrite suppressors and still some stations go off.
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